A special edition for Japan

Project description

As an extension to the global Artek website, we provided Artek Japan with an adapted and extended digital home. Redesigned to accomodate for the Kozuka typeface and re-structured to serve different editorial requirements, the site casts an editorial eye on a finnish brand much beloved by a discerning audience.

Technologically, Artek Japan is administered through the same system as artek.fi. This allows the japanese team to implement content and features where required – while remaining unhindered in building market-specific narratives.

WAF GMBH – アルテック 日本 for Artek
WAF GMBH – アルテック 日本 for Artek
WAF GMBH – アルテック 日本 for Artek

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Project info


Artek GmbH/Global Marketing, Berlin
Artek Japan, Tokyo


Project directors: Malte Müller, Andreas Lexa
Design team: Andreas Lexa, Klara Neubauer, Nadine Schwery


Engineering team: Jens Franke, Malte Müller, Martin Wolf, Sebastian Weyrauch
SysOp: Sascha Hillingshäuser


Typefaces: Kozuka by 小塚昌彦 via Adobe Originals
CMS: Craft
CDN: Cloudflare
Image server: Cloudinary