WAF GMBH builds in digital space. Through design and strategic consulting, we help our clients shape their environment.

We apply architectural thinking to the web, the defining communal space of our time. This requires deep understanding and balanced regard of platform strategy, human interaction, visual design, engineering and systems architecture.

Our solutions acknowledge and decode complexity, resulting in resilient systems that are easy to use and compelling to their users. They are united by radical visual clarity, structural coherence and uncompromising build quality.

WAF GMBH was founded in 2011. It remains fiercely independent, loyal to its partners and protective of the open web.

A close-up photo of a metal staircase against a cloth backdrop in international orange, photographed at the studio of WAF GMBH.
A monochrome photo of the studio space of WAF GMBH. Two people are standing in front of a long counter made from black folded steel.


Eppendorfer Weg 95a
20259 Hamburg


Malte Müller, Tim Rausch, Klara Neubauer, Lukas Esser, Lisa Rinaldi, Mareike Kuers


Andreas Lexa, Friederike Wolf, Nadine Schwery, Hanna Wolff, Paul Bille, Jules Moynat, Sarah Choi, Fox

Selected clients

ACRONYM®, Artek, Art Basel, Rick Owens, Vitra, Kiko Kostadinov, Dover Street Market, Die Zeit, A-Cold-Wall*, UDK Berlin, Deutsche Telekom AG, Ikea, Maharishi


21st digital, David Kamp, ISLAND Hamburg, Sarah Bernhard, nion digital, Nadine Schwery, A.F. Studio, Benjamin Behr, Matthias Oertel, OZMOZE, moment Architekten, Lena Rix, Lukas Siemoneit,, Marc Wright, Anika Väth, Julian Bühler, Anne Levy, Maria Knabe


This is the second iteration of the WAF GMBH website. It was first deployed on December 20th, 2023 and runs Kirby 4.3.0 We love Kirby and its perspective. WAF GMBH continues to use UCity Pro as its typeface. It was designed by Yassin Baggar for Fattype.

If we could, none of the sites we build would contain any tracking, fingerprinting or profiling cookies. At least this one does not.