Office statement

We approach the web as a form of digital architecture: It shapes the defining communal spaces of our time. Building these spaces requires deep understanding and balanced regard of platform strategy, visual design, content, engineering and systems architecture.

In close collaboration with our clients, we are able to organize and integrate these disciplines. This leads us to simple, honest solutions that are true to their digital materials. Our websites communicate effectively and can be used without effort, following the natural flow of the web. We operate in a highly organized way, on budget and on time. In this sense, WAF GMBH proposes a more effective model for designing and implementing digital platforms.

The studio was founded as W.A.F. by Malte Müller and Andreas Lexa in 2011. It has since evolved into a design firm that has completed visual identities and websites for diverse international clients such as Artek, ADAY, Andreas Murkudis, MyTheresa, Kiko Kostadinov, Next Conference, Deutsche Telekom and Maharishi. As the digital arm of ACRONYM®, WAF GMBH provides visual design and technological direction to the brand.

Currently, WAF GMBH consults with one of Germany's premier newspapers and develops a new digital format for Telekom Electronic Beats. Apart from that, the team helps reposition a denim label by thinking about connections and limitations on a globalized planet.

Our office can be reached now by calling +49 (0) 160 96705966 or addressing email to


Eppendorfer Weg 95a
20259 Hamburg


Current research

We use closely to its self-description: as a visual platform that helps us think. We are currently working with and intrigued by the following channels.

Team members


Malte Müller, Tim Rausch, Klara Neubauer, Lukas Esser


Andreas Lexa, Friederike Wolf, Nadine Schwery, Hanna Wolff, Fox

Frequent collaborators

David Kamp, Louise & Florian Kunth aka. Island, Sarah Bernhard, Jens Franke, Martin Wolf, Lena Rix, Sebastian Weyrauch, Nadine Schwery, Jannik Schäfer, Benjamin Behr, Andreas Schober, Jihee Lee, Bus Group, 21st digital, Anika Väth, Julian Bühler, Anne Levy, Sascha Hillingshäuser

Website information

Version: 1.0, deployed on February 14th, 2019
Typeface: Ucity, designed by Yassin Baggar for Fatypeflux
CMS: Kirby 2.5.12, by Bastian Allgeier integration: Arena PHP
100% vanilla JS, no analytics, no cookies
No frameworks, no artificial sweeteners
Compiled using Grunt 2.4
Total page weight: 653,3kb

Postal service

WAF GMBH is a design company and occasional post office in Hamburg, Europe.

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