Talk announcement: Web Design as Architecture at Grafill, Oslo

May 2019

Web Design as Architecture is a small thing. It is little more than a thought. A collection of thoughts, maybe, holding just enough matter to form a vague approach. Still, it has informed our practice over the years. It became one of the elements we chose to emphasize when incorporating as a company. The thought was born out of dissatisfaction with the professional discourse surrounding digital design. It grew through our great appreciation for well-made physical spaces, materials and the atmospheric qualities of good architecture.

Over the years, we have drawn great inspiration from both architecture and its professional discourse – both on a programmatic and and a pragmatic level. As a design company, we are convinced that we need a wider, more critical discourse about the practice of building digital platforms. We also believe that adopting different metaphors to shape how we approach our work can be a tremendous benefit for both the quality of our results and the processes that shape them.

Therefore, we are excited and thankful for the invitation extended by Grafill, the Norwegian organisation for visual communication, to come to Oslo and talk about Web Design as Architecture on May 23rd.

When designing for the web, we design for one of the primary infrastructures of societies around the world. Approached sensibly, it requires taking responsibility for a multitude of disciplines and perspectives

Relating web design to the practice of architectural space-making may provide us with practical approaches that are helpful beyond workflow optimizations. Looking towards the architectural discourse for its engagement of liberal arts, humanities and engineering may serve as a starting point to better understand our own profession.

On behalf of WAF GMBH, Malte will put forward an architectural approach towards web design that is both programmatic and pragmatic – one that calls for a more expansive, and more critical discourse within a rapidly matured discipline.

Web Design as Architecture

Towards an expansive discourse