A very variable store

Project description

In close collaboration with its Tokyo-based team, we reconsidered Artek's online store for Japan. Based on our joint experiences with an earlier iteration, we designed and built a new component-based system. Artek Webstore Japan provides a fluid experience: It guides a discerning audience through coherent narratives. Our solution emerges organically from Artek's wide-ranging product portfolio, and provides simple ways to discover a large number of variants and customization options.

The site makes use of the updated capabilities introduced by Shopify in 2021. It provides unparalleled freedom of expression to the editorial team. A new verticality extends Artek's visual language, while our toolkit for building landing pages using native Shopify customization options, a store-specific journal and custom delivery options round out the platform.

WAF GMBH – Webstore Japan for Artek
WAF GMBH – Webstore Japan for Artek
WAF GMBH – Webstore Japan for Artek
WAF GMBH – Webstore Japan for Artek

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Project info


Artek Japan, Tokyo
Artek GmbH/Global Marketing, Berlin

Creative & Engineering

Project director: Malte Müller
Design team: Klara Neubauer, Lisa Rinaldi, Tim Rausch
Code: Tim Rausch


Typefaces: Kozuka by 小塚昌彦 via Adobe Originals, Vitra Futura, based on Futura by Paul Renner
Store infrastructure: Shopify (Online Store 2.0)